D. Randazzo Paralegal Services, Inc.

Litigation Services

Value Added.

Pre-Suit and Litigation Paralegal Support Services 

D. Randazzo Paralegal Services is dedicated to helping attorneys and support staff with the overwhelming demand of legal work.

Pre-Suit Services

Paralegal and Consulting company

  • Client intake, processing initial claim, investigation, and research.
  • Photographs of accident location
  • Photographs of the client
  • Request Police Reports
  • Filing No-Fault/SUM/BI Claim letters
  • Lien Negotiation/Resolution - Medicare/Medicaid/subrogation liens/private insurance company liens
  • First reports to insurance companies
  • Medical record requests and catalog
  • Preparing special packages for insurance companies
  • Demands for Arbitration (AAA)
  • Last owner searches
  • OSHA Requests
  • FOIL Requests
  • WCB Requests
  • Review and analyze cases and advise the attorney of potential case value

Our trusted paralegals allow you to concentrate on the substantive legal work without worrying about the other details. We understand that a lawyers time is more productively spent actively practicing law, while also marketing and building a law practice. Don't waste time researching, preparing documents and determining filing mechanisms. 

Hiring additional full-time support staff to help with your growing office or additional caseload can be an expensive endeavor. D. Randazzo Paralegal Services offers you an alternative solution to help manage your caseload and enhance the value of the services you provide your clients. Our services provide you with experienced litigation paralegals at an affordable rate. You will save precious time and resources by eliminating the need for increased office space, technology, payroll taxes, paid vacation day, and paid holidays. Our team supports attorneys who pride themselves on providing clients with service delivered with unprecedented quality, integrity, reliability, and dedication. Call us today for a free consultation on how we can help you achieve your law firm's goals.

  • Overall case management and development
  • Court filing (ECF)
  • Preparation of all legal pleadings:
    • Notice of claims
    • Summons and complaints
    • Bill of particulars
    • Discovery documentation
    • RJI/PC requests
    • Motions/Order to Show Cause
    • Stipulations
    • Affidavits
    • Notes of issues
  • Trial preparation:
    • Trial notebooks
    • 3101d Response
    • 4532 - admissibility of medical/diagnostic testing
    • Subpoenas